Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Returns:
Items that are found to be defective must be reported to us within 14 days of delivery date to be eligible for a refund, after 14 days any issues that arise are considered wear and tear from use.

Clothing items can only be refunded if there is a clear defect on our end, pictures of defect must be taken and sent to us. No refund will be given for ordering the wrong size or item under any circumstances. If you wish to exchange a wrong size item, buyer is responsible for shipping and related costs both ways via USPS or UPS.

We try to be as transparent as possible with item contents, design, appearance, material etc. We will not issue refunds if you do not like the fabric, design, material, etc of an item. If we send an incorrect size, item, etc we will create a return label, and the Incorrect item must be returned to us before the correction is shipped.

Buyer is responsible for making sure shipping address is correct, accurate, and up to date. No refunds will be given for shipping to an incorrect address that was provided to us.

Once a tracking number has been assigned to the order, AND package has been transferred to USPS or any other shipping service, responsibility falls on the shipping provider to ensure a safe, intact, accurate delivery. We do our best to pack items as securely as possible, and are not responsible for how an order is handled through the shipping provider. Items lost or damaged while in the hands of a shipping provider will not be refunded. If any issues arise with a shipping provider, contact the respective companies claims line. We will assist in following up with them regarding a shipment.

If an item is incorrectly shipped at our fault, then buyer is eligible for a refund or a reship of the item.


Same Day Shipping- Any item, offer, advertisement, etc, that offers same day shipping refers to the working hours of the postal carrier in our local time during the work week which is 5pm CST. Any item with same day shipping will guaranteed be packed and shipped (Given to postal carrier), with tracking provided if ordered before 5pm cst, any orders after will be guaranteed to ship by 5pm cst the following day.